Cardinals Let Opportunity Slip Away

A beautiful day for baseball ~ Cardinals and Phillies tied in their series 1-1 coming into yesterday’s game. However, not a great day for either SP’s Cardinals Lynn, nor Phillies Worley.  Both allowed four runs during their 5 innings on the mound. The Cardinals broke the tie in the top of the 8th ~ with runs by Cruz, Freese and Jay. Looking pretty comfortable and Cardinal fans able to have a bit of breathing room with a 7-4 lead.  However, proved to be short-lived.  During the bottom of the eighth, Cardinals manager Matheny made a switch on the mound ~ brought in RP Boggs to take over for RP Rzepczynski who allowed two men on.  Phillies Kratz to the plate ~ 0-0 count ~ out the ballpark for a three run homer.  Once again ~ the game is tied at 7-7.  The game into extra innings ~ Cardinals CP Browning holding his own until the eleventh ~ with one runner still on base.  Phillies Pierre hit an infield single to left, sprinting so fast would have given Gold medalist Bolt a run for his money ~ beats the throw to first ~ safe ~ Rollins scored. Game over ~ Phillies (52-62) take the win, 8-7 and the series, 2-1.

It is what it is ~ the Cardinals (62-53) continue their teeter-totter performance.  They have the day off today and then begin a 9 game stretch at home to face the Diamondbacks (58-57), Pirates (64-50) and the Astros (38-78).  The Cardinals are going to have to buckle down and get their mindset in gear.  The first 2 series will be crucial ~ especially since they sit behind the Pirates in the NL Cent by 4.5 and behind the Reds by 7. I would like to think their series against the Astros would be an easy sweep ~ however, the Cardinals this season have proven the hardest thing for them to do is use the broom.

Other scores across the country, Dodgers blank the Marlins, 5-0. The Royals lose to the Orioles, 5-3. The Pirates handed the Padres a loss, 11-5.  The Brewers came out on top against the Astros, 5-3. Yankees fell to the Toronto Blue Jays, 10-7.  Texas Rangers still in control and beat the Tigers, 8-3. Then….we have Chicago.  With bit by bit, but still in reserve, the support from the Chicago southsider’s is slowly beginning to unfold … as the White Sox continue to prove to they are contenders. WS won over the A’s, 7-3.  We continue to see the die-hard support of the Chicago northender’s for their Cubs even though, once again, they have a loss.  Cubs were shutout by the Reds, 3-0.

It is another day for baseball as we continue the downhill to the playoffs.  Last night was the finale of the 2012 Summer Olympics ~ which I give a C- for the overall closing ceremonial “display”.

To all ~ have a great day!!  Always, Elichap

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